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There are not enough companies willing to create animal sex dolls because it's considered taboo in our society. We decided to step up to the plate and create the first dog sex doll. And there are many more animal sex dolls to come :).
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Here she is on a queen size bed and I think someone wanted a pic in this position.

I ordered her with the short tongue and it looks like the tongue in the original post so maybe it's the long tongue that's different, I also had green eye color on the order and got the brown eyes like the original so maybe those options don't actually do anything or it was a mistake.

Even with the few problems I'm happy with her and after getting her I'm surprised she doesn't cost more or that shipping isn't extra it couldn't have been cheap to send that big heavy box halfway around the world in a week.

Testimonial by firewolf

Forum member / zoovilleforum

Testimonial from member who bought a (black) dog doll from us.

Mine came in today! She's a bit bigger and a lot heavier than I expected, luckily I was home alone I don't know what I would have said if someone asked me what was in the 100 lb box that's as big as my desk that I was struggling to get inside lol.

The box was damaged and open a little on the ends (I wander if anyone peeked inside i could see the back of her head uncovered) but considering her weight and distance she traveled it wasn't that bad. She did take a little damage, there's a little cut on her muzzle, her left front paw looks like the skeleton was a little behind the extra padding and made a thin spot, and a spot on her armpit that wasn't painted right or stretched to far. It looks like the silicone is white under the paint I'd recommend seeing if the manufacturer can use a color closer to the paint it would make them far less noticeable.

Now on to the good stuff! I don't think the other pictures posted show off her size that well it's a workout moving her around. Compared to a bad dragon or American meat toy she's massive. She's a bit softer than the fleshlight and feels pretty good, it's amazing having her weight to thrust against. I have a big wolf plush that's modified for a fleshlight and other than not having fur, this is better. The tongue and bottom teeth are removable. It's nice if you don't like the tongue sticking out.