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There are not enough companies willing to create animal sex dolls because it's considered taboo in our society. We decided to step up to the plate and create the first dog sex doll. And there are many more animal sex dolls to come :).
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Dog Sex Doll

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This dog sex is very realistic (made with platinum silicone and custom skeleton). It has oral, anal and vaginal function. Since it has a skeleton, it can be posed. Meaning it can assume multiple positions such as sitting and lying down.

The dog not only looks realistic, it feels realistic too! Making love to it will give you a lot of pleasure. However, it's not just an object to be used for pleasure. It's also a beautiful piece of art for people that admire the shape of dogs and that want to keep it in their home.

Dog data in cm
Shoulder height:54.5
Forelimb height:30
Body length:67.5
Head length:19
Face length: 9
Forehead width: 11
Chest width: 23
Tube circumference: 15.5
Chest circumference: 89
Chest Depth: 29

Please note that more advanced paint jobs (such as Husky colors) cost extra and also take more time to complete.

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