Sex Dolls
There are not enough companies willing to create animal sex dolls because it's considered taboo in our society. We decided to step up to the plate and create the first dog sex doll. And there are many more animal sex dolls to come :).
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Frequently Answered Questions
Q: Are these dolls legal? Can I get into any legal trouble?
A: These dolls are legal. There can't be a ban on dog sex dolls specifically because before we made one, there weren't even any dog sex dolls available for sale. Some (muslim) countries may have forbidden the import of sex dolls. If you live in such a country then we do not recommend ordering a sex doll. You can find a list of countries and states where they banned sex toys here:
Q: What about shipping? Who handles customs and taxes?
A: We ship via special line. Meaning we first ship it to a local warehouse in the US or Europe and then we ship it to the customer. We deal with taxes and customs.
Q: What about bestiality laws? Do these dolls fall under such laws?
A: These dolls do not fall under any bestiality laws because they could very well just be considered realistic dog dolls used for art & photography. Unlike an adult sex doll, it's not obvious at all that this doll can and will be used for sexual pleasure. So far we have shipped this doll to customers in US and Europe without any problems.
Q: Will this doll satisfy me sexually?
A: That depends on the person. Obviously it will give you a much richer and more intense experience than any sex toy ever could. If you love the shape of dogs then the beautiful shape of the doll alone will turn you on much more than a fleshlight. It basically gives you a much more realistic sexual experience. With that said, it's much more satisfying than a sex toy, so if a sex toy gives you enough pleasure and satisfaction then a sex doll most certainly will as well.
Q: How do I clean this doll? Does it have a removeable vagina?
A: The vagina is fixed, but you can easily clean the doll with a vaginal irrigator.
Q: Where are the product reviews?
A: We only recently launched this product and are waiting for customers to review it. These reviews will be shared on the Zooville forum.
Q: How long is production time and shipping time?
A: Production time is 2-3 weeks depending on what kind of paint job you requested. Shipping time is around 2 weeks via UPS special line. It can take 4-6 weeks before you receive the doll, but it's worth the wait!
Q: Do you offer discrete shipping?
Yes, it will be labeled as a mannequin. Nobody is going to suspect that it's a sex doll.
Q: Should I use lube?
Yes, we recommend you use water-based lube.