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About Us

We Are The First.

We are the first company to sell animal sex dolls. We hope to create many more animal sex dolls in the future. 

Made using real photos
We used photos of a real dog as reference to to make sure that our dog sex doll looks as realistic as possible. 
From 3D model to a real product
We made a 3D model based on real dog pictures and then created a clay model. After that we created a mold which allows us to  create the dog doll when somebody places an order. It's made-to-order.

Why buy

There can be many reasons to buy a dog sex doll. Maybe it's a sexual fantasy you want to fulfill without needing to get a real dog that you will have to take care of.
Sexual pleasure
If you are into dogs and you love their shape then this product will turn you on so much more than a simple sex toy. Not only that, it's designed to give you a lot of pleasure. It has anal, vaginal and oral function. 
Make videos and pics
Now you can create (sexy) content with a very unique sex doll. A fun hobby to have!
This is not just a luxury sex toy, it's also art. It's a beautiful thing to look at :).
Legal \ Will never be banned
Since dog sex dolls never even existed before we made one, there are no laws that forbid this product especially not since it can just be considered a realistic dog mannequin. We ship it and label it as a mannequin doll. 


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